Two day tour of Taierzhuang in the Tomb-sweeping Day


In the Tomb-sweeping holiday, the company organized staff to visit Taierzhuang War Memorial to recall the revolutionary martyrs and encourage patriotism. Given a vivid image of the revolutionary tradition and patriotism education, Everyone said we will remember the glorious deeds of the martyrs, with excellent results in return the company and repay the society. Then we played in the beautiful  ancient city of Taierzhuang to experience the peaceful and quit city. Under the lights shine, the city is very pretty and charming.

This activity not only edify employee mind, open up their horizons, adjust the mind, enhance our communication, further to create a good atmosphere for learn martyrs, respect for the martyrs. We learn  that happy life is not easily won, then motivate staff with full enthusiasm and the best working condition to work.


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