Lujing Semiconductor Establishes Jinan Silicon Carbide Power Device R&D Center


Silicon carbide power devices have become the most essential part of energy-saving equipment and have been dubbed by the industry as the country's most important device. Whether it is the high-end C919, Harmony, National Grid or new energy vehicles, urban infrastructure, environment/energy, and industrial equipment, Silicon carbide power devices are increasingly used. Compared with IGBT products with the same rated current, silicon carbide products can achieve miniaturization of the cooling mechanism in the equipment with lower switching losses. Therefore, it has become the "core" of the green economy.

Jinan Lujing Semiconductor Co., Ltd. cooperates with Shandong University and Shandong Institute of Management to build the first SiC integrated circuit design, production and sales in Shandong. It is one of the few companies in China that can design and produce high-quality, high-reliability silicon carbide chips. In February 2018, it produced the TO220 package form and 1200V 20A high-voltage silicon carbide power devices to break the monopoly of foreign countries and improve the platform, customization, and localization capabilities. And with Geely, Inspur and other international companies established a good localization of ecological and collaborative development system.

Over the years, Jinan Lujing Semiconductor has been at the forefront of the industry by introducing and training talented people and accelerating chip technology innovation and safe production. He successively undertook the national high-tech enterprises and won the Top 10 Potential Enterprises of the Semiconductor Industry, Top 10 Famous Brands of the Chinese Electronics Industry, China Semiconductor Industry Excellence Brandand China Smart Hardware Excellence Brand Enterprise.


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