What are the main parameters of Lu crystal diode?


The technical specifications used to indicate the performance of a diode and its application range are called diode parameters. Different types of diodes have different characteristic parameters. In this paper, we mainly introduce the main parameters of the Lu crystal diode.

The main parameters of Lu Jing diode are the following five:

1, the maximum rectification current IF

The maximum rectified current IF is the maximum forward average current that the diode is allowed to pass through for a long period of time. The value is related to the PN junction area and the external heat dissipation conditions. As the current passes through the tube, the die heats up and the temperature rises. When the temperature exceeds the allowable limit (approximately 141 for a silicon tube and about 90 for a germanium tube), the die is overheated and damaged. Therefore, in the specified heat dissipation conditions, the diode should not exceed the maximum rectified current of the diode.

2, the highest reverse voltage Udrm

When the reverse voltage applied across the diode reaches a certain value, it will breakdown the tube and lose its unidirectional conductivity. In order to ensure the use of safety, the maximum reverse voltage is specified. For example, 1N4001 diode reverse voltage is 50V, 1N4007 reverse voltage is 1000V.

3, reverse current Idrm

Reverse current refers to the reverse current flowing through the diode at normal temperature (25°C) and maximum reverse voltage. The smaller the reverse current, the better the unidirectional conductivity of the tube. It is worth noting that the reverse current has a close relationship with the temperature. When the temperature rises by 10°C, the reverse current doubles.

4, dynamic resistance Rd

The ratio of the change in voltage near the static operating point Q of the diode characteristic curve to the amount of change in the corresponding current.

5, the maximum operating frequency Fm

Fm is the upper limit frequency of diode operation. Because the diode is the same as the PN junction, its junction capacitance consists of a barrier capacitance. Therefore, the value of Fm mainly depends on the size of the PN junction capacitance. If more than this value. Unidirectional conductivity will be affected.

The above are the main parameters of Lujing diodes. For beginners and practitioners engaged in the electronics industry, they must have a profound understanding in order to be able to do a good job in their daily work.


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