Silicon rectifier diode characteristics


A semiconductor device that converts AC electrical energy into DC electrical energy. It usually consists of a PN junction with both positive and negative terminals. The most important feature of a diode is unidirectional conductivity. In the circuit, current can only flow in from the anode of the diode, and the cathode flows out. In this paper, we mainly understand what silicon rectifier diode characteristics?

The rectifying diode uses the unidirectional conductive characteristic of the PN junction to convert the alternating current into pulsed direct current. Rectifier diodes have large leakage currents, and most are diode-packaged diodes.

Silicon rectifier diodes, like circuits, have both positive and negative terminals. The most important aspect of diodes is their unidirectional conductivity. In silicon-rectifier diodes, the biggest characteristic is that current flows in from silicon rectifier diodes, only from the positive side. , And can not enter from the negative, when the current goes out, can only start from the negative pole, so from the positive pole into the negative pole, gradually form a loop.

The above is the characteristics of the silicon rectifier diode. In addition, the silicon rectifier diode also has the characteristics of high breakdown voltage, small reverse leakage current, and good high temperature performance.


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